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Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing trails in Kořenov and the surrounding area

There are approximately 60 km of groomed cross-country skiing trails in Kořenov and the surrounding area of Kořenov, which join onto other groomed routes – in one direction towards Smědava and Bedřichov and in the other direction to the Krkonoš Mountains.

Around Hvězda (Star) and Bílá skála (White cliff) – are trails that are part of the “Krkonoše a cross country skiing paradise” project: This set of groomed trails is composed of an internal and external circuit. The external circuit starts at Vystrkov (approximately 500m from the “Na Perličku” pub) and joins onto route no. 10 from Vysokého nad Jizerou here. It starts by the green arrow marked route no. 6 with the sign “ Around Hvězda 10 km” and continues along signs with the same text counting the km remaining back to the starting point in front of Vystrkov –Bosna 9 km crossroads (at the Bosna crossroads there is a crossing above the ski lift of the Paseky ski area, take care here to avoid colliding with skiers, in the Vystrkov – Bosna section approx. 0.7 km the trail is usually destroyed but because this is a slight slope it doesn’t matter so much) – The na Havírnu crossroads 8.5 km (connection with route no. 11) – an arrow to join circuit no. 6 and no. 7 – an arrow straight ahead 6 km – an arrow not showing the number of kilometres – an arrow showing the direction to the Vyhlídky crossroads – an arrow straight ahead 2.5 km – Kořenov centre arrow 2 km (if we turn right here then we arrive in the middle of Kořenov after 200 metres, and from where there are groomed trails in the direction of Jizerka and the Jizerská main route, there is a node point here for the future connection of the “Krkonoše – a cross-country skiing paradise” and the “Jizerská main route” here) – the Hvězda chalet with an arrow pointing straight ahead 1 km – the crossroads in front of Spálená hájenka an arrow straight ahead 0.5 km – and we are back beneath Vystrkov.

The second trail, no. 6, is signposted in this locality from the crossroads in front of Spálená hájenka approximately 500m from the start of trail no. 7 in the direction of Hvězda) the trail is named “around Bílá skála” and joins onto trail no. 7 at Hvězda and is 6 km long. Again the number of km left is shown on the signs. The crossroads in front of Spálená hájenka, an arrow “around Bílá skála” 6 km – arrow “around Bílá skála” 5 km, there is also an arrow showing the interconnection between trails no. 6 and no. 7 – arrow “around Bílá skála” 4.5 km – arrow “around Bílá skála” 2.5 km – the crossroads by Tetřeví bouda, an arrow in the direction of Hvězda 2 km – an arrow in the direction of Hvězda 0.5 – Hvězda connection with trail no. 7.

Trails marked by green signs are a part of the signposted trails belonging to the “Krkonoše – a cross-country skiing paradise” project.
In the locality around Hvězda and around Bílá skála there are also local touring trails marked with red wooden signs, which are 3.5 and 7 km long, with starting points from the crossroads behind the Hvězda restaurant.

Kořenov – in the direction of Jizerka :
From Kořenov to Jizerka there are two groomed cross-country skiing trails. At the moment these are not signposted in any way.
The first one starts by the info-centre in Kořenov and continues to– the Tesařov church – the turn-off for the Zvonice chalet – then skis have to be carried for approximately 300m , the track continues behind the wood on the right-hand side– The Horní Polubný church – the Pralinka chalet – then skis have to carried again for another 300m along the road in the direction of Jizerka – the track continues at the turn-off below Václaviková studánka and smoothly joins the Jizerská main route at this point.
The second trail starts 500m from the Kořenov train station, down along the left-hand side of the road by the “Karlos” inn and continues– the railway bridge – along the Jizera River to below Bukovec – the “Mořina” chalet on Jizerka, where it joins the Jizerská main route. This trail can also be followed from the Martinské valley, where it starts from the football grounds in Dolní Kořenov and continues onto the railway bridge where it hoins the trail from the “Karlos” inn. 

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